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US Reiterate Its Huawei Warning To UK—Report

Latest releases from the UK talk about a superficial tie up between the country and the Chinese firm Huawei in introduction of 5G network. The ties are meant to be limited only owing to the rumors of the firm’s connection with the Chinese Government.

United States is seen taking a step towards this matter. The U.S. has warned that it would immediately reconsider the sharing of intelligence with countries that have joined hands with this firm.

The Senior US official Rob Strayer and Theresa May have had a war of words with Strayer calling it a risk that should be avoided. Against this, May’s spokesperson has assured Strayer that their national security is of primary concern.

Considering what 5G connectivity has promised to the users, Strayer comments on essence that the foundation of such technology holds. Strayer repeatedly measures the amount of data that UK could be handing over to this firm if they choose to go ahead with this tie up and hints to towards the malpractice that it can be used for. His message to the press is that there should be no loose ends when it comes to 5G network.

5G internet is beyond our imagination, and more than its fancy utilities, we should know that there is more of a necessity for 5G internet. Not only is it fast, it can also be used as IOT and avoids network lags.

Certainly, with a technology like this, data will quickly find itself as the core currency; something that the U.S. cannot allow China to enjoy.

Huawei is an industrial superpower in China and has enjoyed a rapid growth over the recent past. There is one critical reason behind U.S. objecting this 5G deal. The firm was started by a Chinese military officer, which directs towards the ties with the Chinese government. According to the U.S., this would give China enormous power in the west.

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